Management Consultancy Agency
Adam Christian Enterprises {UK}
Denemoor Court,
Elmdene Road,
Kenilworth Warwickshire CV8 2BX
United Kingdom
Work 07974441037
Mobile 07504495160

My organisation provides contracts to people who have been made redundant, in debt or have need to of paying their way in life. If they have the requisite skills then they are put onto the contractual register ,if they need to hone their skills l provide the way. They receive payment for each and every contract directly by me and our organisation receives, 0.25% as the profit. This profit is reinvested for the good of helping and guiding more people in need of help and guidance. Our organisation has a number of mentors that are capable of providing such help and guidance and at present we look at these areas of contracts finance, food&health, property&maintenance and computers&communication.

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